The Sea Pines Resort Junior Golf Camp Presented by Cobra Puma

Hilton Head Island’s Premier Summer Golf Camp

Tim Cooke, along with other Sea Pines Professionals, will help you train like the pros for a week here at The Golf Learning Center at Sea Pines Resort. This golf camp is for junior golfers who are playing in a competitive setting or whose goal it is to raise their game so they can compete on the course. This camp will enhance all areas of the game from full swing, short game, mental game and golf fitness.

Summer Golf Camp Dates:

• June 23-27
• July 7-11
• July 28-August 1
• August 11-15

Click here, to learn more.

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Happy Mother’s Day! From Whistering Pines Country Club, NC


With accompanying paying customer

*Special Rate for our loyal customers
$39* all day play

Offer Valid May 9-10 & 11, 2014

Can’t make it out for 18 Holes?
How about a QUICK 9 – only $15 Per Player

MOM will thank you!

Please call 910-949-4320 to make reservations
Mention “Mother’s Day Special”
to get this GREAT DEAL!

*Plus NC Sales Tax (Total fee is $40.22)

The 2014 RiteCare® Charity Golf Classic

An afternoon of golf at one of Orange County’s premier Jack Nicklaus-designed courses. The Aliso Viejo Country Club will again provide the site for this event. Action on the links will be followed by a gala banquet and silent auction. All proceeds with go toward the continued support of the Orange County Childhood Language Center, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

Event Details:
Monday, July 28, 2014
Tee off: 11:00am
Dinner: 6:00pm

Aliso Viejo Country Club
33 Santa Barbara
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


8th Annual Businesswomen’s Golf Networking Event


Join Leslie Andrews Golf and meet colleagues from

Women’s Bond Club of NY, FWA, 85 Broads,

AIMSE, 100 Women in Hedge Funds

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Galloping Hills Golf Course

Kenilworth, NJ, 30 minutes from Manhattan!!



Including a Golf Activity for any skill level from

Brand Newbie to Single Digit Handicapper!!!


If the Harvard Business Review is writing about the importance of golf to women in business — and they are — then it is definitely time to get in the game.  The 8th Annual Businesswomen’s Golf Networking event offers the perfect opportunity to do just that, regardless of your experience level.

This event offers a golf activity that meets YOUR skill level, even if your skill level is slim to nil! Don’t be left behind when your colleagues and clients are out on the golf course. Get in the game to get in the game.

To sign up, visit Please note that payment is due upon registration, and your sign-up is not complete until payment is received. We are always over-subscribed for this event, so sign up today so you don’t miss out.

Choose the activity that fits your experience level:

For brand new/newer golfers:  a Golf Instructional Workshop – Get into the swing of golf with 4 hours of instruction, including 2 hours of instruction on the full swing, putting, and chipping; 1-1/2 hours on how to use golf for business, equipment, dress, rules, etc. and a 1/2 hour hands-on demonstration on the important points of golf etiquette, etc.
For “lightly experienced golfers”: Instruction and Play – Geared towards those with some golf experience who would like an instructional “tune-up”  (1-1/2 hours of instruction)  as well as the opportunity to play 9-holes of golf (scramble format).  Must have played golf on a course in the past.

For experienced golfers: play in a “traditional” outing with 18 holes of golf – We’ll assign you to a foursome, or you can create your own, for a scramble on the championship course.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

Tiger Woods Charity Playoffs 2014 – NY Metro Area

The Tiger Woods Charity Playoffs benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation and its STEM-based college-access programs for students, the Earl Woods Scholarship Program and the New York City Inner-City Scholarship Fund.

A limited the number of playing spots are available in the regional qualifier at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster on July 21, 2014 to enhance the golfer’s experience.

NOTE:  Other regional playoffs are available across the country on various dates.  Click this link to register your team today and get additional details.

Congrats Bubba Waston on Green Jacket No. 2!


FilAm TV Charity Golf Classic (May 23, 2014)

The 2nd Annual Filipino American Charity Golf Classic and Dinner Dance will occur on May 23rd at the La Mirada Golf Course  located in South Los Angeles County.    The event proceeds will help support the LA County Junior Golf Foundation and rebuild homes for Typhoon Haiyan victims through Gawad Kalinga.


  • 11:00 AM      Player Registration, Lunch and Putting Contest
  • 12:45 PM      Call to Golf Carts
  •   1:00 PM      Shotgun Start, Scramble Format
  •   6:30 PM      Mixer
  •   7:00 PM      Golf Awards Recognition and Dinner Dance

To learn more go to:

2014 LPGA Golf Clinics for Women: Empowering Women Through the Game of Golf

With the goal of “Empowering Women Through the Game of Golf” the LPGA Golf Clinics for Women program, run by JBC Golf, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, are “full one-day Clinics in major markets across the nation.”

In 2014, there will be a total of 14 such clinics.  The program commences on April 14, 2014 at the Calabasas Country Club in Los Angeles, California and concludes on November 4, 2014 at the Seagate Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida.

The 2014 LPGA Golf Clinics for Women schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 14th:  Calabasas Country Club, Los Angeles, CA.

Tuesday, April 22nd:  Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, Charlotte, NC.

Monday, May 12th:  Elmwood Country Club, White Plains, NY.

Monday, May 19th:  TPC Southwind, Memphis, TN.

Monday, June 2nd:  The Minikahda Club, Minneapolis, MN.

Wednesday, June 18th: 1757 Golf Club, Dulles, VA.

Monday, June 23rd:  Spring Valley Country Club, Sharon, MA.

Monday, July 14th:   Spring Valley Country Club, Sharon, MA.

Monday, August 4th:  The Ivanhoe Club, Mundelein, IL.

Monday, August 25th:  Crestmont Country Club, West Orange, NJ.

Monday, September 8th:  Palo Alto Hills Country Club, Palo Alto, CA.

Monday, September 22nd:  Westmoreland Country Club, Wilmette, IL.

Monday, September 29th:  Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, GA.

Tuesday, November 4th:  Seagate Country Club, Delray Beach, FL.

To learn more and to register, visit:

Physical Therapy for Golf-Related Injuries – A Q&A with Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Ever wondered how to address injuries that interfere with your golf game?  Golf Rehab might be an option.  Golf Rehab is one of the services offered by Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy, located in mid-town Manhattan, New York. The Fourth Tee conducted this Q&A to learn more!

THE FOURTH TEE:  Thank you for granting this interview with The Fourth Tee.  Describe for us the types of golf-related injuries that can occur, as distinguished from pre-existing injuries, that playing golf can exacerbate.

DYNAMIC SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY:  As a general rule, the #1 predictor of injury is having had a previous injury, and any injury can be exacerbated from playing.

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  What are some examples of the types of pre-existing injuries that, if left untreated, can be exacerbated by playing golf?

DSPT:  Any previous injury that resulted in limited flexibility, a reduction in core strength, or a decrease in balance, can lead to compensation and injury during the golf swing.  


Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  As a general matter, what is the most common type of golf-related injury you tend to see in your practice?

DSPT:  Low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder and elbow tendonitis are all common.  Tightness in the hips leading to an increase in demand on the soft tissues of the low back, and or the additional demand imposed by the golf swing on a back weakened by previous injury are the most common injuries seen at our practice.

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  What types of exercises are most beneficial, as generalized preventative measures?

DSPT:  Flexibility, core, and balance exercises are the most beneficial as part of a regular exercise routine for someone who plays golf.

TFT:  What is micro-trauma, and how does playing golf (recreationally or professionally) contribute to this type of injury?

DSPT:   When flexibility issues arise in golfers, the golf swing imposes excessive demands on the restricted joint.  In essence, the “end range” comes about too early and is “pushed” as the individual tries to swing the club optimally.  The “push” at “end range” with the intense speed of the golf swing results in “micro-trauma.”  This micro-trauma is essentially small tears and irritations that trigger the body to respond to injury.  The response to injury is most often inflammation and the creation of additional scar tissue resulting in adhesion and further restriction.

TFT:  What are the symptoms of micro-trauma, and how is it generally treated?

DSPT:   Micro-trauma most commonly presents as muscle or joint soreness, joint inflammation, but may result in little more than “stiffening up” a couple hours after play.  Treating the soreness and inflammation with ice and anti-inflammatory medications is common and has its benefits; however, release and flexibility techniques should be part of a golfer’s cool down.  Ideally, recovering from micro-trauma would include regular sessions with a manual therapist.

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  What are some of the techniques/approaches used by Dynamics Sports Physical Therapy to address and repair golf-related injuries?

DSPT:   At DSPT we use the SFMA and TPI screens to evaluate limitations in movement and the golf swing, specifically.  The results from these assessments are used to develop an integrated treatment approach that includes manual therapy, exercise, and a home program.  The soft tissue techniques most commonly used by our practice to treat soft tissue overuse injuries are ART and Graston. 

 TFT:  Tell us more about the SFMA and TPI screens that you use in your evaluations.

DSPT:  SFMA is the selective functional movement assessment.  It is a movement screen that allows a clinician to determine the most likely cause of an injury.  This is usually different than the site of injury.  For example, if a golfer has knee pain the cause of injury may be due to lack of mobility in their ankle or weakness in the hips/ core.  If we only treat the knee and don’t treat the underlying cause, the golfer would keep getting reoccurrences of their injury.  The SFMA allows us to determine the cause.  The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen is a golf-specific assessment that allows us to see if a golfer has the flexibility and strength to complete a proper golf swing.  Then it is up to them and their teaching professional to actually hit the ball.


Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  What is Active Release Techniques®, or Art®, and why use this technique to provide therapy for golf-related injuries?

DSPT:   Active Release Technique is a manual therapy approach that uses specifically directed force to increase tension in fascia while the individual performs active muscle contractions to slide muscles past any fascial tissue or scar tissue formation that may be adhered from the micro-trauma process described above.

TFT:  In addition to Art®, the other soft tissue technique you indicated you use is Graston.  Tell us a little more about this technique.

DSPT:  Graston is also known as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).  It is a technique where stainless steel instruments are utilized to help improve fascial movement.  Fascia is the layer of connective tissue that surrounds our muscles.  If there is lack of mobility in this tissue, it can result in loss of motion and flexibility.

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Courtesy of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

TFT:  The Fourth Tee thanks you for the opportunity to have this Q&A with you.

Below is a Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy video illustrating physical therapy drills used for someone returning to golf after hip surgery.

To learn more about Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy, visit


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